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The Brussels ConcertBand was created in December 1877 in Haren, a small village on the edge of Brussels. The goal of its founders was to create friendly relationships between the musicians through music. Their effort was a resounding success! Throughout its history and still today, friendship has been the backbone of the group.

The band is currently made up of 40 musicians. Although they are not professional musicians for the most part, the quality of the musicianship is very high. People from many countries who have come to live in Belgium have also found their way to Haren. The make-up of the concert band is a reflection of the international nature of Brussels; there are musicians from:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA  – the founders of the band would be proud! The Brussels ConcertBand, with its different nationalities, languages, backgrounds and above all, its shared love of music, represents an oasis of stability in a constantly moving and changing world.

Musical direction is in the hands of Guido De Ranter. He’s a ‘pro’ who studied at the Royal Flemish conservatory of music in Antwerp and until recent retirement was the second conductor of the Belgian Air Force Band. When he directs the Brussels ConcertBand, he pulls out all the stops! In addition, he also regularly arranges pieces for the band.

Leaning towards the American big bands, the Brussels ConcertBand wins the hearts of jazz and swing fans and everyone loves the captivating rhythms of Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Benny Goodman! The band regularly performs with vocalists, which, no doubt, adds to the excitement and success of their concerts.